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For many first time authors, the entire journey can often be confusing. Publishing a book involves many discrete processes – from manuscript editing through to printing and eventually distributing and selling your book. To help answer your questions, we have prepared a set of frequently asked questions below. We are always happy to answer specific questions not covered below. Simply send us an email at:

Manuscript Submissions

  1. How and when can I submit my manuscript to Aalvent Media?

After you’ve selected a package, one of our publishing consultants will contact you to discuss your needs, and to confirm the project scope. We will ask you to send us the first 1 or 2 paragraphs of your manuscript along with a synopsis. Based on that, we’ll prepare a project proposal for your acceptance, which in effect is your publishing contract.

At this stage, we will ask you to send us your manuscript by email. For more about our publishing process, please click here.

  1. What are your submission guidelines?

Aalvent Media accepts only electronic submissions, preferably by email. Please do not send us hard copies. When submitting your manuscript, please follow the following guidelines.

  • Save your work in word format, or as an RTF file.
  • Along with your manuscript, include an author biography (500 words maximum) and a book summary (500 words maximum).
  • If you have any images that you want to include in the book e.g. photos, please save them in jpg, eps, or tif format with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.
  • Send all files via email to your publishing consultant.


  1. How many copies of my book can I expect to receive as part of my publishing package?

All our publishing packages come with a set number of free paperback copies. Our most basic package – the bronze package – includes 5 free copies. You can find more information here.

Additional copies can be ordered on demand by simply contacting our sales department at:

  1. What will it cost to print additional copies of my book?

Aalvent Media prints books using either POD technology or traditional offset printing. For POD technology, authors can order any number of copies, and the cost will vary depending on the number of pages. On average, POD costs between $4 and $8 per copy for a book of up to 500 pages (excluding shipping costs). For larger orders (2,000 and above), we recommend traditional offset printing, which tends to reduce the unit printing costs considerably.

  1. How many copies do I need to order ideally?

As a rule of thumb, the more copies you order, the cheaper the costs per book. However, printing costs are only one element in determining how many copies you need to print. You need to consider your sales and distribution channels. For example, if your target market is largely in the US or the UK, and you are a new author printing your first book, it is best to order smaller quantities to meet orders as they come through. You don’t want to save on printing costs only to have your savings eaten away by storage costs. However, if you are anticipating considerable demand for your book, then ordering larger quantities makes sense.


  1. How should I price my books?

Ideally, your book retail price ought to cover at least the production cost plus a profit margin. For many new authors, it can be hard to determine a price using this method. Most authors determine their price by benchmarking against similar books in the market. However, do keep in mind that your book price will have to take into account other factors, including standard trade discounts to bookstores and distributors.

In general, you should look to multiply your average unit printing cost by at least 2.5 times to get to a retail price that can accommodate both your margin and the standard industry discounts that will allow retailers to offer your book on the market. Of course, if you only intend to sell digital books, the pricing dynamics will be very different and most ebooks are priced between $0.99 and $9.99.

  1. At what price will I be able to order books from Aalvent Media?

When your order additional copies of your book from Aalvent Media, you will only pay the unit printing cost plus a shipping and handling fee. Your price will be considerably less than the set retail price. For authors wanting to sell directly to their market, this option enables you to make significantly more per book sold.

Sales & Payments

  1. Does Aalvent Media help me sell my books?

All our publishing packages include making your book available to more than 25,000 retailers globally. We work with major US and global book wholesalers, and ensure that your book is listed in their catalogues and available for ordering. As your publisher, we will fulfil any book orders that come through, and we will credit your account with any proceeds, less the standard trade discounts and a small handling fee.

  1. What if I want to sell books directly to my readers?

Aalvent Media can work with you to set up a dedicated website, enabling you to sell directly to your customers online. Alternatively, you may want to use other direct selling channels, depending on your networks and the type of audience you are targeting. Selling your books directly increases the profits that you can make per book, and gives you more control over pricing. However, it means that you will be responsible for fulfilling orders. This includes order taking, invoicing, shipping and returns management.

Many authors opt to have as many channels as possible combining traditional retail and direct selling to maximize their visibility and sales.

  1. How will I be paid for books sold by Aalvent Media?

We sell books through wholesale channels that in turn make your book available to retailers around the world, including and Barnes and Noble. As an author, you will receive your payment, typically within 90 days of a sale. You will be paid a net price, that is, the retail price less the printing cost and trade discount that you will have agreed upon at the time you set your retail price.

  1. How will I keep track of my payments?

All Aalvent Media authors receive quarterly payments and statements.

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